What the People of Ancient Babylon are like

The people of Babylon care very much about their country. They get upset and offended if you litter their country, and they expect you to treat it with respect. Depending on when you come to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and depending on what kind of king that is ruling, the state of Babylon will vary. If you come in a time period where there was a lot of war, you will be seeing many things destroyed, and you may even see people held captivated on the streets. Most of the kings of Babylon are not dictators, so the people were fairly happy and weren’t complaining that often. (Other than the prisoners of course!)

What do the Ancient Babylonians Wear

Most of the Babylonians knew how to make cloth, so most people wore clothes made from woven fabric. Their clothes were died naturally, to add color to them. They wore shoes and sandals on their feet that are made from leather. The Babylonians dress similar to the Sumerians, and they sometimes wore skirts and shawls as well. Genders, man and woman wear straight skirts and shawls in Babylon.